The perfect field boots for the Amateur Astronomer

White Military Bunny BootsSince I get this question a lot, namely what boots do I use while in the open field in winter, here’s the short answer: military boots!

The reason for that? I think it’s really simple: I like to use gear that’s tried and tested over time. The Military know their stuff when it comes to what works and not in low temperatures. So I have a pair of Bunny Boots, the really bulky ones. I found that nothing beats those at keeping my feet warm during the whole day. And I’ve got feet that get cold easily, that’s for sure. So I’ve been thru a number of different boot pairs testing them out. I gotta tell you, the best test for a boot is to keep you warm through the day when you’re mostly stationary in one place. When you’re moving, you generate heat. But when you’re standing ground, like for instance when you’re hole fishing, or tending to astronomical instruments, then you’re basically relying on the boots’ insulation alone. And that’s where they stood or fell for me. The Bunny boots were the only ones to remain standing. I got mine for around 60 bucks from Amazon, and never looked back.

They’re 100% rubber with some one inch of insulation in between the rubber layers. That’s one thick boot, I gotta tell you that. One good description of them that I found, on a page about military winter boots that also contained a mickey mouse boots review (and a bunny boots review), was Another good resource is the actual reviews page on Amazon

So, what’s special about the Bunny Boots? The bunny boots are the white type II boots, after the black type I Mickey Mouse boots. The white bunnies have an extra half pound of insulation on each boot, which makes them extra warm. They’re rated for temperatures down to -65 Fahrenheit. That’s a lot. Use them in warmer weather and your feet will be swimming in sweat, since these boots don’t have any kind of anti-perspiration lining like Goretex. They’re missing any kind of bootie on the inside. I usually wear them with a simple pair of hunting wool socks, that’s longer than the boot since the rubber at the top of the boot has a tendency to chafe at my leg.

All you have to do before going out is to warm up the inside of the boots a bit, ‘cuz the insulation is so good that it will maintain whatever temperature it started with in the first place. Your foot will have a hard time warming up that mass of rubber and insulation all by itself. Warm the boots up before putting them on, and they’ll keep ya’ feet nice and toast.

When you’re spending a long time in the cold outdoors like I do, these boots are a God-send. Try them on in an army surplus store if you have access to one, and you’ll know what I mean on the spot. Or you can take my word and order them online, since they will not set you back by a lot of cash. You’ll thank me later.

Here’s a video review about these boots: